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Unser AnspruchIn 1993 he had at first an idea and his ideals. Today Yilmaz Kocer has realized this idea, besides him more than 50 craftsmen, that share his targets and ideals.

At first there is the maxime, to settle the high claim for quality during all activities. Our specialized craftsmen with best training, help us to fulfill our maxime.

Another maxime for customer oriented achievement of all services is a high level of flexibility and agility. This allows Kocer I.S. GmbH a quick reaction on the customer's needs.

We want to make your works, and so a piece of your life, go easier. We care with a lot of accuracy for the cleaning and support of your machines and buildings, to allow you to care with best requirements for your core business. For every request we offer customized services.

When you are satisfied, we have done a good job.

Following services we offer:

  • Surface coatings
  • Blasting operations (dry ice blasting, sandblasting and shot peening)
  • Cleaning and care for your machinery and buildings

Kocer Industrieservice versteigert immer wieder gebrauchte Geräte aus unserem Maschinenpark sowie neue Artikel bei Ebay , schauen Sie immer wieder mal rein!
Kocer I.S. GmbH
  • We are there for you 24/7
  • Sundays and holiday only exist in our calendars 
  • You can reach us around the clock
  • Accuracy and flexibility are our strengths
  • Customised solutions are our speciality
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Kocer I.S. GmbH - Wiesenstraße 35 - 57518 Betzdorf (Rheinland-Pfalz / Westerwald)- 02741/9739590

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