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Trockeneisstrahlen durch Kocer I.S. GmbHDryiceblasting can be used in different fields of application. On the one hand it´s possible to clean sensible machines and parts, on the other hand we can clean facades, underbodies of vehicles or dirty machines with the help of dryice blasting. Glue, oil or plastics can be blasted without anything being left.

before - after
before - after
Dryice blasting is usefull for:

  • foundries
  • print offices
  • automotive industries
  • tyre industries
  • synthetic industries
  • metal industries
  • ship building
  • refineries
  • sawmills
  • engineering
  • etc.

                             sample results dry ice blasting 

                              before dry ice blastingafter dry ice blasting

before dry ice blastingafter dry ice blasting                                                   

 before                      after                                                    


In the following pictures is shown, which operating principle the dry ice blasting follows.

 Surface before cleaning with dry iceBefore dry ice blasting there is a coat of persisting soil on the material. 
 CO2 pellets hit the soilWhen the CO2 pellets collision with the soil, they sublime. With 700 times enlargement they release the soil explosively.
 There is left only soil, no blasting abrasive

 After the treatment with dry ice only the soil is left. There is remaining no blasting abrasive, and the surface of the blastet material is not damaged

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Cleaning with dryice blasting

Dryice is produced out of CO2 fluid which is refined to rice grain sized pellets. These pellets have a temperature of 79°C below zero. With the help of compressed air, they are blasted on the surface to clean. During the collision of the "icecold" pellets with the surface to clean, a thermal shock is created. This thermal shock makes the soil like glue, paint, oil or synthetic deposit contract and so the soil flakes. After collision the pellets dissolve and left is only the removed soil, which can be swept away or soaked up by a vacuum cleaner.

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